Equity at JIPS

What we do in Equity

The Institute achieves equity and diversity including through its plans, policies, monitoring, reporting and guides to best practice.

About equity and who to contact:

  • Equity is about fairness and justice. The Disciplinary committee leads the JIPS commitment to be a fair and inclusive place to study and work. 
  • A safe, inclusive and equitable Institute
  • The practical and pastoral ways that the Institute is a safe, inclusive and equitable place to study and work.
  • Accessible Institute
  • Guidance on how to ensure accessibility in various ways.
  • Equity plans, reports and reviews
  • Through strong and collaborative relationships with key stakeholders, we support thinking and behavior consistent with achieving the Institute equity
    objectives and broader strategic goals.
  • Equity-related events and resources
  • Equity events and resources, across the Institute and beyond.
  • Equity policies, guidelines and the law
  • The Equity Office develops research-based policies and guidelines to help ensure our Institute supports the health, safety and well-being of our
    students and staff.
  • Equity information for staff
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