Introduction/ History:

Medical Lab Technology is a versatile and emerging field of medical sciences. It is a professional degree with 4 year program which enables one to become a professionally independent practitioner Lab Technologist. It is a program approved by HEC and is equivalent to 16 years of education after completion. Lab Technologist has become most popular among medical fields in past two decade after American Society of Medical Sciences had announced ASMS rules . By the efforts of ASMS Diploma in Lab Technician has now become Bachelors in Lab Technologist, it gave Lab Technologist the authority of independent practice and direct referral as a Technologist. This has raised the status of Medical Lab Technology worldwide and now Medical Lab Technology is one of the innovative and popular field in Pakistan.


After graduating as a Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT), a person can find employment opportunities in various educational institutes, private, and government hospitals. After gaining substantial experience a person can run his/her own laboratory consultancy services, health care centers. Medical laboratory technology is also called clinical laboratory sciences. It is part of the allied health professional industry. Medical lab technology refers to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases through clinical laboratory tests. Clinical lab tests assist doctors to properly treat diseases. Doctors heavily depend upon technologists and pathologists for proper diagnosis. Medical laboratory technology is a relatively new field. Very few universities and colleges are currently offering this particular program. However, the majority of students that apply for this program are females. You work specifically in the clinical labs. Technologies work with sophisticated equipment. And get to learn new testing methods and procedures.As a medical lab technologist, you get to work with equipment and diagnose diseases. You work closely in gathering, collecting and checking blood and fluid reports. Medical Lab technologist is a growing industry. It is one of the top careers for females in Pakistan.