Message from Principal-SPS 

Johar Institute of Professional Studies offers you the best training in your chosen field whether you intend to become a teacher or a scientist, a medical doctor or a social worker, technologist or engineer. At  JIPS you will be taught by dedicated teachers who are determined that you become competent as a professional in order to assume a leadership role with qualities that should distinguish you from any graduate of any other university in the world. We believe that it is not enough that you are equipped with skills to do your duties professionally;

you should also stand out among your peers as a professional who has confidence, courage and compassion to lead people in the workplace and the community at large.

Dr. Ahmed Mahmood Mumtaz
Principal SPS

Message from Principal-SPT 

On behalf of Johar Institute of Professional Studies. I welcome you. JIPS believes in delivering excellence in learning. Our  bility to add to your academic and social skills will allow you to lead in your professional career. We aim to create high-quality grade. Our academic standards are high and we believe in encouraging independent thought driven by creativity and critical insight. As a JIPS graduate, you will be marked by openness to new ideas and being constantly on the lookout for novel ways of doing things. This institute is about students, and I will be actively involved in your academic lives.

Dr. Heena Awais
Principal SPT



Message From Principal SMS

I am delighted to welcome you to Johar Institute of professional Studies  Our inclusive ethos and commitment to the highest standards of all round education have ensured an enviable reputation for JIPS.
At JIPS, we aim to encourage a never ending quest for knowledge among our students especially in Allied Health Sciences. We strive to inculcate an open mind and constructive and rational thinking. Inquisitiveness, curiosity and hunger for knowledge are qualities we try to impart. I believe that our teachers, students and support staff are among the very best. We provide a very conducive and rich learning environment where all teachers, working tirelessly and avail every opportunity to impart knowledge.

Rabbia Tariq

About JIPS

Johar Institute of Professional Studies (JIPS), is a multi-disciplinary institute located at main Ferozpur Road, Lahore, JIPS has privilege of providing quality education to its Students since 2012, affiliated with renowned and prestigious public sector universities for its courses, considers it a great honor to provide our society with an institution which can meet the everlasting challenges faced by health care professionals and answers all the health related questions popping in students minds. JIPS is Fully determined and fully equipped in every possible way to provide such quality education to our students that will not only help them to grow intellectually but will also help them to groom professionally. Every nation is fully aware of the importance of study and research in this subject matter o f health and wellbeing of individuals in the particular and smooth running of the entire population in general. To move with the fast pace of this never tiring world, it is become necessary to advance at the same pace. JIPS is aware of the fact the reshaping of knowledge will transform the health sector.     

Successful Student

Our Vision

Johar Institute of Professional Studies aspires to become a nationally recognized, leading institute of teaching that distinguishes itself as an imbedding center for outstanding ethical and moral values, quality teaching, learning outcomes, and richness of the student experience. JIPS aims in producing highly skilled, professionally empowered, well-groomed leaders to contribute positively for socio-economic development of Pakistan.

Our Mission

JIPS mission is to sculpt its graduates to become future leaders in their fields to inspire the next generations and to advance ideas that benefit the world. Practicing and promoting our core values i.e. academic values, creativity, Diversity, Integrity, Professionalism and Service to produce responsible and tolerant citizens committed to serve community.




Johar Institute of Professional Studies (JIPS), administrators, faculty and professional staff are committed to lifelong learning for all students—, rich and poor, and for all levels of ability and all cultures.



To prepare and support professionals in education and intervention sciences that will improve the education quality of life and economic development for the people, the nation and the world.

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JIPS Pharm D | DPT

Johar Institute of Professional Studies Lahore Admission Open for Pharm-D DPT & Food Science & technology Affiliated with University of The Punjab & University of Sargodha

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