Disciplinary Committee

Responsibilities of Disciplinary committee

The roles and responsibilities of the Disciplinary Committee are as follows: 

In the event where acts or practices that are not in compliance with laws, accepted to JIPS practices, the JIPS Ethical Principles, Personnel Communiqué or other notices, procedures and communiqués, are identified, investigating such acts and practices on its own authority (or requesting such investigation from the Internal Audit Department) and carrying out appropriate administrative sanctions as set out in the Personnel Communiqué.  Ensuring that employees are committed to the JIPS Ethical Principles in their acts and actions; carrying out oversight duties with respect to such commitment; acting as the advocate of the Bank’s Ethical Principles across the Bank and with respect to the employees.

Taking precautions with respect to all acts and practices that may lead to the JIPS reputation and image being harmed in view of laws, public opinion and customers; announcing such precautionary measures throughout the JIPS.  Ensuring that appropriate measures are taken by relevant departments to eliminate systematic problems or flaws in work flow processes or general practices, which are observed in the cases that are on its agenda; directing relevant subsidiaries; monitoring the measures taken. 

Disciplinary committee after taking the decision unanimously, submit the decision through secretary to Administration department and administration will be responsible for implementation of the decision, however CEO reserve the right to change the decision at any stage through veto power. 

Dismissal/Termination/Suspension is applied in the following cases:

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