History & Information

History and Information

Johar Institute of Professional Studies (JIPS), is a multi-disciplinary institute located at main Feroz Pur Road, Lahore, JIPS has privilege of providing quality education to its Students since 2012, affiliated with renowned and prestigious public sector universities for its courses, considers it a great honor to provide our society with an institution which can meet the everlasting challenges faced by health care professionals and answers all the health related questions popping in students minds. JIPS is Fully determined and fully equipped in every possible way to provide such quality education to our students that will not only help them to grow intellectually but will also help them to groom professionally. EVERY nation is fully aware of the importance of study and research in this subject matter o f health and wellbeing of individuals in the particular and smooth running of the entire population in general. To move with the fast pace of this never tiring world, it is become necessary to advance at the same pace. JIPS is aware of the fact the reshaping of knowledge will transform the health sector.
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