Medical Laboratory Technology is new emerging field in health care system.The major role of a medical laboratory is to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases by performing qualitative, quantitative or screening test procedures or examinations on materials derived from the human body.Medical laboratory Technology is a complex field embracing a number of different disciplines such as Microbiology,Hematology, Clinical Chemistry, Urinalysis, Immunology, Serology, Histopathology, Immunohematology and Molecular biology and others.

Medical Laboratory Technologists distinguish the interdependency of testing information and possess the knowledge of physiologic and pathologic conditions affecting results in order to support medical decisions. In various health care settings, clinical laboratory scientists provide test results used by such practitioners as physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician’s assistants, in determining: the presence, extent, and causes of disease; monitoring therapy; and evaluating testing protocols to ensure optimum and safe public health applications.



History of Medical Laboratory Science It is difficult to exactly say when and where medial laboratory science was started. However, some early historical references have shown that there was examination of body fluid around the era of Hippocrates. The most important eventthat contributes for the development of the profession was the discovery of microscope by a German scientist Antony Van Leoun Hook. In Ethiopia, the Italians were the first to establish health laboratory during The Second World War. Immediately after independence, a British Scientists took over health laboratory activity in Addis Ababa. They were organized the laboratory under the name of Imperial Medical Research Institute. After short period of time, they handed over the organization to the French Team on contractual basis. Then, the team developed the first well organized the laboratory under the name Institute Pasteur d’ Ethiopie. Between 1955 and 1964, they established facilities for the production of vaccines and some diagnostic activities. Developing of rabies vaccine was the main research area for the team.

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