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Scope of Medical Lab Technology

Medical Lab Technology is a medical profession. After completion of this 4 year program one has to play his role in different fields such as

After Graduating as a Lab Technologist you can practice as a clinical practitioner. Related disorders are addressed and diagnosed by Pathologist, Lab Technologist. You can go for further specialisation in a single subject and you will become a consultant of that particular subject. You will get certification by getting training from AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR CLINICAL PATHOLOGY(ASCP) and you will be able to practice as a LAB TECHNOLOGIST in American territories and other territories too.
By the efforts of APTA rules of Physical Therapy Practice 2020 DPT professionals have become Independent in their Practice. One is able to run a Rehabilitation clinic or work as an independent department in a Hospital.

One of the most important aspect of Physical Therapy is “it is the need of time”. In current era due to fast life and availability of Electro-Mechanical assistance in everyday task, people have been living sedentary life style. They have switched to luxuries, in this meantime it is important to educate and aware the population regarding physical fitness

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